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Title: "Small-Beginnings: Theo Rogers' Entrepreneurial Journey" In this captivating mini-documentary, viewers are taken on a compelling journey through the life and career of Theo Rogers, a dynamic entrepreneur whose path to success is both inspiring and insightful. The documentary delves into Theo's early life, showcasing the formative experiences and influences that ignited his passion for entrepreneurship. Through engaging interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, the documentary highlights the key milestones in Theo's entrepreneurial journey. From the inception of his first business idea to the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned along the way, viewers gain a firsthand look at the......

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Documentary | Black 2 BMX

About the Documentary A documentary telling the history and the plight of the African American BMX Racer. As a black kid growing up in the 70’s you saw most kids in our neighborhood playing the average sports. Football, basketball, and baseball.  I was a skinny kid back then, too skinny to play football, not good at dribbling a basketball and baseball was too slow for me. I use to watch evil Knievel on ABC wide world of sport on the weekend. I got infatuated with him jumping his motorcycle over buses. I would go outside pretend to be him. Set up......

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